CommuniTeam is an all-purpose multi-channel team communication productivity app built with Ruby on Rails by Raymond Guo, a UC Berkeley student studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences.



Sign Up

To register for an account, enter your name, username, email, position (optional), and password. To maintain security, the app uses Dropbox's zxcvbn library to ensure password strength. If there are no errors, you will receive a confirmation email that contains an account activation link. Click the link, and you're officially in!

Log In

To log in, enter your username or email, and your password. If you forget your password, choose the "Forgot password?" option that sends prompts you for your email. You will receive a password reset email momentarily. Once logged in, you are able to modify your account settings and profile, as well as delete your own accounts.

Employees vs Admins

There are two types of users in CommuniTeam: employees and admins. Admins have all the permissions that employees have, in addition to the ability to delete any account (but not edit). Admins are also able to promote admin privileges to any user, as well as take away admin privileges from other accounts.


The features of CommuniTeam can be split into 3 tiers: community-level, team-level, and personal-level.





The following resources were used to create this web application: